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From history

Since the days of the Victorian era and up to 1930-ies, stair rods was a functional part of the interior and sophisticated homes. This ancient method of decorating just dressed up the stairs to the carpet. Stair roads is always installed in order to keep the carpeting on the stairs. On the one hand it was the slip, comfortable and warm covering, and on the other hand - covering the steps made it possible to keep the material ladder in a constant state of smart, protecting wood or stone stairs from damage. Beautiful wood, as well as the stage, faced with natural stone, you could always change out the new carpet. This method allows the homeowner to decorate the steps to periodically move the carpeting to wear a uniform carpet. The use of stair roads and carpet tracks always possible to vary the space disguise the stairs in a variety of carpets, paint and add some new shades in the interior of buildings, and even slightly change the style of the premises. Fixing of stair roads also provides an opportunity to remove carpets for cleaning. Being a functional element mounting the stairs, stair roads turned into exquisite decoration for stages, with a diverse use of materials and beautiful fasteners.

Application of carpet tracks on the stairs was very popular in the 1800's and early 1900's. In recent decades we have witnessed a return to the ancient classical traditions in the design of houses. These days, returned to the demand for carpets and stair roads. Experience of previous generations in setting up the space, proven over decades, is used in our days. Although modern methods of installation does not require the use of stair roads to secure carpeting, homeowners still prefer stair roads, giving a unique bar upstairs and the entire interior of the house. Often compared with the stair roads jewelry, art jewelry. Application of stair roads adds a sophisticated look and interior design beautiful staircase. Today we find these details of the interior, not only in residential homes, but also flights of stairs to the office buildings and various agencies, entertainment centers and office buildings. Using stair roads designs in the space of buildings makes it easy to achieve complete clearance lobby, hall and stairs in interior decoration. stair roads manufacturers offer innovative design and finish of carpet to give a special design of homes from traditional to ultramodern.